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Before beginning any lining treatments, we thoroughly inspect each poster and ensure it is free from unwanted tape,  stains and previous repairs.

We offer two types of archival lining, linen backing and Japanese tissue lining. Lining vintage posters stabilises them and assists in the safe handling and display of these ephemeral   works   of   art.

After the poster has been backed, fold lines, remaining discolouration and regions of loss can be reintegrated to restore readability  and aesthetic balance    to     the    piece.

Explore our lining and restoration services using the arrows below.

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Before lining vintage posters, we remove any tape, blu tack and other adhesive residues present

Inscriptions can be treated to avoid the seeping of media during wet treatments

For particularly dirty posters, we will offer a full immersion wash to remove soiling, stains and/or mould

Linen Backing





Poster is laid onto the backing using starch-based paste. This process is reversible, so your poster will remain safe into the future.

120gsm Fabriano Academia acid-free paper provides a smooth white backing for the poster

10oz unprimed cotton duck cloth provides stability and durability, allowing the poster to be handled safely

The backing is trimmed to create a 3-4cm border, ideal for safely safely affixing the poster to framing devices

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